The famous Coota Volleyball tournament which attracts hundreds. The Cootamundra Pool and Sports Stadium are hosting a Volleyball Gala Day next Friday, December 9th.

The event will run from 4pm until 7pm having both a juniors (12-16) and youth (17-25) division.

There will be five teams per each division, each team having eight players.

The top four teams will go into their respective league’s semi finals.

The winning teams of the semi finals will participate in a grand final.

The juniors will start the afternoon off at 4pm and play until 5:30pm.

Shortly after competition of the junior’s tournament the youth players will begin and play until 7pm.

Team numbers are extremely limited and those who’re interested are encouraged to visit the Cootamundra Pool and Sports Stadium Facebook page where you will find a link to register.

The day will bring together youth from Cootamundra along with neighbouring towns such as Harden, Junee, Gundagai, Temora and other places across the region.

Volleyball with your mates is always fun with the gala day being free, however, it becomes twice as fun that everyone can enjoy it.

All this along with the delicious new burgers and snow cones at the pool it’s obvious the afternoon will be an absolute blast for those in attendance.

For all other inquiries surrounding the night, phone the pool on 6942 2467 and they’ll be sure to help you out.

Tully Potts