John Doidge, Des Rowe and Robert Hargreaves at work at the Coota Country Club.

John, Des and Robert were hard at work on Monday redirecting water on the 18th and 9th holes at the Coota Country Club.
John said, “It all comes here it used to be a dam.” All golfers and golfing Vets, John started in 55, Des in the 60s and Robert has been playing for 50

John said, “When I first game out here as a kid it was sand greens and the green keeper had a horse and buggy. Normy Bassingthwaighte redesigned a lot of the place and made it 18 holes. Like everywhere we are all struggling. Anyone can play at Coota but due to social distancing it’s only one person per cart.
It’s only two carts, I’m hoping later on, that they will make it 4 carts. Then when it’s all gone and they can get back to 2 in a cart. We are up 25 percent in green fees because people have nothing to do. It’s a social game. The Vets have been getting 30 odd and they had 40 odd on Saturday which was a good day. It will all come around. I haven’t seen anything like this before, I missed the depression.”