No signs of cooling down for Cootamundra with temperatures to soar over the next week. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Staying indoors, jumping in the pool or having a nice cold beer would have been ideal today with temperatures reaching a top of 36 degrees Celsius in Cootamundra.

And if we thought this was the last of it, this weekend will be even hotter with a heatwave warning and a maximum of 38 degrees on Saturday and Sunday and 39 degrees on Monday.

Tomorrow, there is a ‘very high’ fire danger alert and daytime temperatures will reach between 33 to 40 degrees.

According to data from Elders Weather, Extreme UV Index readings are also forecasted for both weekend days.

Cootamundrans will have to wait till at least Wednesday for any hints of cooler temperature with a late shower forecasted for 5 to 10mm of rain.

Temperatures will continue to cool as it reaches to as low as 15 degrees on Thursday and as high as 27 degrees, with an 80 per cent chance of rain.

Cootamundra 7-day forecast. Source: Elders Weather.

With sweltering conditions expected to hit the area in the next few days, Murrumbidgee Local Health District is warning many to take the risk of heat-related illness seriously.

In a Facebook post, the Health District said heat wave conditions could be more dangerous for the elderly, infants, children, people with a chronic medical condition and those who live by themselves.

But regardless, they added that heat related illness could affect anyone as it adds extra strain on the body and causes dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Cootamundra’s highest-ever maximum temperature on record was 43.2 degrees on January 1, 2006.

Tips by Murrumbidgee Local Health District to minimise an individual’s risk of heat-related illness:

  • Drink plenty of water and remember to carry some with you when you are out and about
  • If you are travelling, make sure you take water to drink in case you break down or are delayed
  • Avoid alcoholic, hot or sugary drinks
  • Plan your day around the heat. Stay indoors between 11am to 5pm and minimise physical activity
  • Keep the sun out of your house by shading windows with an awning, shade-cloth or plants. Shutting curtains will also help.

Christopher Tan