Sheri Earnshaw, Bree Robertson, David Earnshaw and Rylee Laidlaw.

David Earnshaw spent 30 years working on the railway before venturing in to the cafe business with his wife Sheri to run Earnyz. They commenced operations in November and have been busy building the business over the last 6 months. David said, “It’s my wife Sheri’s dream.” David and Sheri were both heading for semi retirement before taking on the new business. He said Sheri was in her element and that he was working behind the scenes. David loved the railway and spent his time travelling around Australia as a Protection Officer where he made sure that his workers were kept safe in their work environment.

He said, “It’s a bit different, my wife and I had 30 years a part and now we are in each others pockets 24 hours a day, but we are enjoying it. The business is going well, we are paying the bills and employing people.” Davis said that the locals had been very supportive. “They have been fantastic, we appreciate it and I tell them that all the time. We have some good little deals to help the customers out.” David throws in lollipops or the odd can of drink to young families. He has 2 daughters and 5 grandkids, 4 grandsons and a granddaughter.

He and Sheri haven’t been able to see them for some time now, but they may change with an easing of restrictions on Friday. “We miss them terribly but we talk on the phone face to face” David and Sheri have discussed a number of options going forward to further diversify their business.

They find that 11am to 1pm they are very busy and when they have their casuals most readily available. Julie Hotston manages the business Monday through Wednesday so that there is a happy work, life balance for all. David and Sheri planned to listen to the next door neighbour who played the bugle on Anzac Day in the dawn driveway service. Earnyz’s employs 7 people including David and Sheri. Call  6942 1078