Cootamundra Hospital will receive over 40 facemarks from Erebus Motorsport after a proposal was put forward by LHAC member Merrilyn Jackson. Erebus has been producing medical grade masks since March.

A teleconference meeting of the Cootamundra LHAC brought about a question from Merrilyn where she raised the possibility of accessing face shield style masks from Erebus Motorsport.

After checking with Jocelyn Piper regarding the standards required, it was decided to go ahead with the proposal.

Erebus Facebook page was contacted on Wednesday morning and within 10 minutes of making an enquiry, Erebus  responded with a post confirming  that they will be sending a shipment to Cootamundra Hospital.

The skilled team at Erebus have been working with a doctor to design and  produce the shield masks to the health standard required. 

Erebus Motorsport have donated masks to over 30 hospitals throughout Australia to date.

   It was an idea that came to motorsport engineer Mirko De Rosa while he was watching the latest news coming out of the coronavirus-stricken city of Milan, in Italy.

   With the Supercars season currently in hiatus, like the rest of Australian sport, De Rosa decided to approach team management with his thoughts on what could be done in his team’s downtime.

Erebus Motorsport chief executive Barry Ryan said, “We thought, yeah, let’s give it a crack,”

Ryan also paid tribute to team owner Betty Klimenko, saying her commitment to fund the experimental research gave the team every chance of success. He said, “We would like to thank Betty because without her this project would not be possible.

Supercars Team Erebus Motorsport Sends Face Masks To Coota To Fight Covid-19