Visiting a field of sunflowers seems like something you would have to travel to do but thanks to Coota Can Assist, you can now visit a field of them right here in town.

This Sunday from 10am to 4pm and again on March 5 10am to 4pm you can go to Birralee (640 Dirnaseer Rd) to pick your own sunflowers or take a photo in the beautiful fields.

Cold drinks will also be available on the day as well as a BBQ going from 11pm to 1pm on March 5.

Organiser Justin Roberts thought it would be an interesting event to fundraise for Can Assists ‘Who Said They Could Dance’. “It’s just a fundraising idea.

For a couple years, people up north have done it. Probably not on to the nine hectares that we have,” he said.

“They’re something different, you don’t see them around here since they’re a summer crop and you usually don’t grow summer crop here.

“They’re pretty and everyone’s got to like sunflowers. It’s going to be hard to keep people out of the paddock for them.

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