Paul Murray, Sky News’ conservative commentator on all things government, State and Federal, has today come out and said a positive thing about the Labor Party’s leader Anthony Albanese.

The bold move from the pudgy 43-year-old, known for getting some of Australia’s older regional community members yelling at the TV and chastising their middle-aged children for daring to think in a progressive manner away from 1950s Australia, broke ranks on April one and drifted far and wide from the regular Sky News script.

Sky’s themes normally revolve around, ‘Left and Right’ ‘Woke and Broke’ and the ‘fanatical’ Greens. They unashamedly kick Labor in the guts nearly every chance they get.

Murray watched the Labor Party’s response to the budget on Thursday night and said, “It actually made sense for a modern Australia which makes childcare affordable and looks after our most vulnerable elderly Australians, many of which are eating hotdogs for dinner 4 nights from 7 in private nursing homes. That Albo or the Dreaded Albo or ‘Death’ as I’m forced to refer to him on Sky, made some good points. I dragged Peter FitzSimons’ number from the back catalogue in my Nokia 3310 and gave the big fella a call. After actually taking five minutes to see what the other side has to say it certainly opened my mind a little.”

Murray went a step further and requested a red bandana from the former Australian Rugby international. FitzSimons was quick to let him know that he tie-dyes his own bandanas from sustainable and natural paint ingredients found in the ochre in the soil.

Murray said, “Got ya, I knew you had mining interests you closet commie.”