13 Year old Cooper Dabin Competed in the Australian Championships last Sunday fortnight, where he competed in the Shot put and Discuss. The Australian Little Athletics Championships were held in Melbourne where Cooper was chosen as part of the New South Wales team with 20 girls and 20 boys sent in the U13s squad.

Cooper came 7th in Shot put and reached his goal of making the top 8.
Cooper’s pet event the Discuss, was held later that after- noon. He was given 3 throws to make the top 8 before being given another throw. He qualified 7th before his last throw put him up to 2nd place where he received a Silver medal.

Cooper’s mum Sarah said, ‘Cooper only gets to see his coach once every fortnight and once a week leading up to competitions like this. It’s re- ally tough because a lot of the kids are from development squads in Sydney. A lot of the parents we spoke to said their children have access to coaches 3 times a week.’

Cooper’s dad Luke said, “Particularly when they compete in stadiums more often.”

Sarah said, “Its a bit nerve racking, they announce who you are and have cameras in your face.”

Cooper has now reached the highest echelon of little athlet- ics, he will now have to com- pete in Little Athletics Australia and he will have to compete more in the Little Athletics New South Wales events. It won’t be for another 3 years when Cooper is 16 that he will have the chance to compete at a world title event.