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Cootamundra residents have reported suspicious people lurking in bushes, shrubs and trees near Victoria Parade and other side streets. The police have been notified of the person who is believed to be casing houses in hopes of eventually burgling people’s belongings. Multiple people have sighted the person including one local woman who reported that a person had repeatedly attempted to break into her house through her window and also tapped on the window whilst staring at her attempting to scare the woman.

Another woman reported that the person was hiding in bushes outside her house and then once the person believed the lady had left her house attempted to break in and then left once they realised she was still home. There has been a string of suspicious behavioural acts in Cootamundra and surrounding areas including Harden where multiple reports were made about an older looking man lurking the streets and peeping through windows.

Last year saw a decrease of 11% in overall crime with 63 less incidents in Cootamundra. According to Safewise, If the person attempts to break into your home, do not confront them, instead contact the police regardless of how confident you are that you can prevail. Attempt to find a safe space until the police arrive. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pursue the burglar or would-be burglar after the have left your home.

Perhaps most importantly you need to remain calm, more likely than not the intruder will be looking for easy to sell items and will have no interest in causing any harm to yourself or your family. If you have any information regarding the person, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 and help keep Cootamundra remain a safe and beautiful community.