Nadia Tan at the shopfront in her first week last week. Photo: Christopher Tan.

At just 23 years of age, Nadia Tan is the new Rockmans Cootamundra store manager, taking over the reins from previous store manager Jane Bateup.

It was at the end of last month Miss Tan made the announcement on the Cootamundra Matters Facebook group, which has since taken off with almost 300 reacts and over 140 comments.

“Although the post was about Rockmans re-opening, the comments from everyone were about welcoming me into the community as well as congratulating me with my new role,” Nadia said.

With the shop recently closed for two weeks, Nadia officially re-opened its doors on April 26 and is looking to have a total of four local staff working with her in the weeks to come.

Besides being new in her role, Miss Tan is also new to town, having recently move from Canberra to Cootamundra with her partner who secured a gig as a train-driving assistant in town.

Nadia and Terry Manusell at the Soroptimist International Cootamundra event last week. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Nadia’s Rockmans journey began when she handed in her resume into a recruitment centre in town, which they matched her with the position of store manager at Rockmans Cootamundra.

Following on, Miss Tan was linked to Rockmans regional manager who called her in for an interview and shortly, she was informed that she earned the role.

It’s a testament for the young lady who is in first managerial position, with a previous seven years of retail experience.

Since her first day at the reins Miss Tan said she immediately felt the impact of the generosity of the community.

“When I opened the store on the first day everyone was so nice to me and accommodating,” she said.
“There were people coming in just to say hi, even though they were not purchasing anything.

“I am very grateful for all the support and help the community has provided, and it has been an encouraging process so far.”

Also on the morning of the first day, previous Rockmans staffs visited Miss Tan and showed her the ropes around the shop and this included general orientation and even when the bins would go out.

Although her hands are already full, Nadia is studying a double degree in criminology and psychological science and is due to complete her studies next year.

This is done via correspondence study through Deakin University.

Nadia is also a morning person and a regular visitor at the Ripped 24/7 gym.

For Rockmans Cootamundra, she is looking to clear out stock, organise the front of the shop, as well as continuing to lure customers into the store.

In her spare time she is hoping to lift the social media presence of the store and increase its online advertising.

Nadia Tan was born and raised in Singapore then made the move to Australia (Tasmania) alone, when she turned 14.

After living in Tassie for five years, she lived in Sydney for three months, then the move to Canberra for studies at University of Canberra.

With a strong mindset and resilience to get to where she is today, Nadia wants young people in the area to know they can do anything they want to, if they put their mind to it.

“Just do it. You never know if you are suitable for a role if you don’t try and if you’re not good at it, that’s okay. It’s all a learning curve if I am being honest,” Nadia said.

Christopher Tan