The Coota 400 returned once again to the Cootamundra Airport last weekend, with record numbers making the event a huge success, despite consistent rainfall.

Damien Kringas, Media Coota 400, recapped a sensational weekend of racing, which was slightly impacted by the wet weather.

“It was a record attendance in terms of cars, including a huge contingency from Melbourne. There were some beautiful cars on display,” Kringas said.

“We had a really, really good turnout. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the town loved it.

“On Thursday we had scrutineering, which was fine. Friday was sort of washed out but then it dried out a bit. We got about 200 cars down the airfield before the rain came.

“Unfortunately, the airfield is not cambered like a road, it holds water, and obviously for safety reasons they can’t drag race in the wet.

“Despite the rain on Friday, we did manage a fantastic photoshoot with all the cars down the runway, which we never get to do. There were about 120 cars this year.”

Saturday’s early forecast didn’t look promising, but the day then cleared up for a wonderful day of racing.

“On Saturday, it rained in the morning and was looking pretty grim. There were some sad faces but then it all dried up and everything was all go,” Kringas continued.

“Usually, we have different competitions like King of the Street and different category finals such as turbo or supercharged, but on Saturday we just had grudge runs meaning everyone could race against whoever they want. We did that all day.

“We managed to get a State of Origin between Victoria and New South Wales, which New South just won.

“The track obviously is a runway and isn’t a racetrack, but the fastest time was still 9.8 seconds for the 400 metres.”

About 200 pre-1990 cars also graced Fisher Park for a meet and greet, giving locals a chance to see the glamourous machines.

“There was a beautiful 911 Porsche there which was just absolutely beautiful. You’d have to think at least 300,000 to $400,000 of restoration and a lot of dedication.”

Tim Warren