Lynn Spain does not need an introduction to the people of Cootamundra and surrounds, however, Lynn certainly does deserve celebrating. Lynn has been a proud resident of Cootamundra since 1948, arriving post WWll in the township. It is rather fitting that she has helped contribute and write some pieces for us in 2020 regarding a very different Anzac Day.

Lynn was one of 6 children and credits her skills to her time at Sacred Heart School. Lynn left school and completed a secretarial course before going on to work alongside 2 of her brothers at Twomey’s. Lynn met Tommy Spain in 1962. He came to Coota to play football and went on to open a butchery. He and Lynn married in 1966. After finishing his playing career, Tommy had an illustrious career as a Referee where he was highly respected for his honesty and fairness.

Lynn and Tommy raised 4 children who have all gone on to have professional careers. Lynn worked for Mike Willesee and organised functions for his Transmedia Stud before changing careers in her mid 50s. Lynn went on to work in media and always had people willing to give her tips, leads or stories, something which hasn’t changed to this day, now that she has taken up a position with the Cootamundra Times. Lynn said, “Coota is close to my heart, it is a place where everyone cares for each other, particularly when there are difficult times.” We are both proud and thankful that Lynn can continue to provide news to the people of Cootamundra.

Lynn has a couple of great scoops up her sleeve at the moment and we will see them in next week’s Times.