The Central Hotel is now registered and ready to accept the NSW Dine vouchers. Central Hotel staff: Tyson Smith, Paige Sedgwick, Patrick Koon, Shanalee Koon, Ashton Hodge. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Cootamundra Development Corporation is encouraging all eligible businesses in town to register themselves on the Dine & Discover NSW campaign to help boost local economy, as Cootamundra residents are now eligible for the $100 vouchers.

“Dine & Discover NSW is a wonderful initiative aimed at getting locals spending more at local hospitality and entertainment venues,” CDC Manager Leah Sutherland said.

“We encourage all of our community to spend their vouchers in Cootamundra and help boost our economy.

“Now is the time the community can give back to some of the businesses who continually support our community through sponsorship, raffle prizes and in many other ways.”

KC Devlin pouring a “cold one” at the Central Hotel. Photo: Christopher Tan.

So far in the CGRC area, The Central Hotel, The Rusty Bistro, Helens Coffee Lounge, and The Olympic Hotel are on the Dine NSW list with The Little Apron Coffee Shop soon to be added.

For Discover NSW, Helloworld Travel Cootamundra is registered on the list.

Service NSW has a growing list of eligible LGAs on their website, which gets updated frequently, Yass Valley Council is also on that list.

“By the end of March, the vouchers will be available across the state,” Service NSW said.

Cootamundra residents can now apply for the vouchers through the Service NSW app by entering their address and then hitting the “Apply online” button.

Cootamundra residents are now eligible for the $100 vouchers. Photo: Service NSW app.

They will then be redirected to a two-proof of identification check, this includes entering in credentials of a valid NSW driver’s license as well as a Medicare card.

The result after the identification check. Photo: Service NSW.

After a successful submission, applicants will be sent an email entailing instructions and the vouchers will be made available on the Service NSW app.

Dine & Discover NSW vouchers are divided into two categories and they are eligible for every NSW resident aged 18 and above.

This include two lots of $25 vouchers to be used for eating in at restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and clubs seven days a week, excluding public holidays.

It also includes two lots of $25 vouchers to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues, available seven days a week as well excluding public holidays.

The vouchers. Photo: Service NSW.

Businesses can register to participate in the program at any time and vouchers are valid until June 30, 2021.

The vouchers can only be used at eligible businesses that have implemented a Covid Safety Plan and are registered as Covid Safe.

The rollout schedule is available at:

If businesses in town need assistance in registering, do not hesitate to contact the CDC on 6942 1400.

Christopher Tan