After a dominating performance in the first few matches of the season, the Jaguars senior women’s side have finally been taken down by the sweeping pace of the Cootamundra Strikers at O’Connor Park.

The match was incredibly close, going back and forth constantly and keeping a steady 0-0 draw at half time.

The middle of the game saw a vicious clash between the two teams with every player giving it their all to break the silence and get a ball in the net.

Things were still at an intense stalemate before the quick feet of the Strikers broke through the girls’ defence and walked off the field with a satisfying 2-0 victory.

Although the Junee girls put up a strong fight they couldn’t keep up with the tidal wave of power from the Strikers and unfortunately came face-to-face with their first loss of the season.

Craig Duncan, the Junee Jaguars girls coach, applauded the efforts of the girls, “It was a good game. A good challenging game for the girls which is something they always enjoy.”

“We had three players out this game.

They’re all core players so it made a difference for us. We should all be back this Sunday but I’m waiting to hear from one other player.”

The Junee girls will face Hanwood at this Sunday, a match they are all excited to play to prove the Strikers loss was simply a misstep.

“We should be near full strength against them.

Which is really good so we can give them a run for their money.”

“We’re always striving to improve and always trying new things.

Everyone played really well. I’m happy with the way they played.

It was nice and the girls put everything out on the park.

They were all tired after the game, I can tell you that.”

The first grade Strikers men’s team fought a rough battle with plenty of hard kicks and hard knocks but unfortunately came away with a 6-0 loss after a tough fight.

The next match the Junee Jaguars will be played at Burns Park with kick off at 11:05am.

The Strikers will play Wagga United at Rawlings Park with the girls on at 3:25pm and the boys on at 5:30pm.

Let’s cheer on our girls as they charge on to push their way up to the top of the ladder.

Jack Murray