The Times is now offering special advertising packages for businesses in the area who want to reach their target market, both in print and online.

    Matthew Stadtmiller has a Bachelor of Arts in Television Production from Charles Sturt University (2011) and through the team at the Times, is able to provide dynamic audio visual content in the form of 15, 30 second and 1 minute commercials for clients, mixed with print advertising to maximise the potential of local business owners in reaching their audience.

   Matthew said, “Those advertising with us have the ability to partner with a team to really showcase their business to the widest possible audience.

     The media market is multi platformed. We offer advertising in print and we also offer videos. We can take it a step further and undertake short documentaries for businesses so they can tell their stories from a historical point of view up until the present time. There’s lots of history in many of our local businesses and we can showcase that for them in a very cost effective way.”

    The Times is embarking on shooting and editing commercials for CW Jewellers and the Ex-Services Club at the moment.

  Matt said, “We have invested in some quality hardware, including a drone, 4K camera and tripods as well as audio recording equipment. When it comes to software, we have state of the art editing tools to provide a polished product and can include music, voice overs and top end graphics through our team.”

     The time to take it a step further for local businesses is now, according to the Times. With winter now upon us, businesses need to be dynamic to attract customers and detail what they can offer.

   Matt said, “It’s not as easy as trying to shoot something on an IPhone and expecting that it will look good. You need to have the right equipment and the right expertise. Often you need lighting. We are going to great lengths to provide top notch videos. Once completed we will be embedding videos in our website and on our Facebook page and also assisting our clients to do the same on their platforms.

   Many businesses use Facebook and have a following, however, our Facebook pages have a total following of over 8250 people and our websites attract approximately 15,000 site visits a month. We offer news, mixed with business content as well, and this is the best way to keep potential customers interested and engaged with their community.”

The Times wants to hear from local businesses who want to work with them to reach their goals.

Matt said, “We combine print with video and across a number of platforms. Businesses can showcase it their end and we will do our utmost to provide access to our followers through our pages and our websites to maximise value for clients. There’s not too many small town newspapers who can offer this kind of service. We can and we want to see our clients continue to succeed and expand, they are already doing that by hard work. We can help them along with our skill-set.”

To find out more, contact the Times on 0408 00 4975 or