The Coota Times is running a competition and we need your help.

We are stuck on 3775 ‘Likes’ and we would much rather be on 5000 ‘Likes’

It’s a nice round number.

We want your help by liking this post and liking and sharing all of our posts for the rest of Winter and into the future.

If we can get to 5000 likes, we will hold a competition where supporters can propose their favourite sporting organisation or community organisation. The top 4 will then get a sponsorship/donation.

We will choose the top 4 based on ‘Likes’ and donate one of four $250 cheques back to your group or organisation. We must reach 5000 ‘Likes’ first.

Help our page get to 5000 ‘Likes’ before the end of August so we can kick off the comp.

It helps us and it helps our community tell our stories and spread our stories into the future.