Cootamundra local Tammy Thompson was told by surgeons her brain tumour would kill her by 2017.

Dr Charlie Teo was the one she went to who gave her hope and now she wants to extend her support back to the man that saved her life.

Dr Charlie Teo has been up to his knees in controversy as of late when complaints made by the partners of former patients resulted in a hearing for misconduct.

The man, in evidence last week said his wife was left in a “vegetative state” for about six months after Dr Teo operated on her stage 4 brain stem tumour.

She died in March 2019.

The man said he and his wife proceeded with the operation because Dr Teo told them there was a “5 per cent risk” of death.

Dr Teo however, said he likely told the family there was a “100 per cent” risk of “some degree of paralysis” from the operation.

It has been suggested to Dr Teo that he has changed his evidence throughout the hearing, but he has denied that.

The neurosurgeon has admitted he “took out the wrong bit” of a woman’s brain during surgery, but maintains his “enemies” in the medical world want to destroy him.

Appearing before the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC), the 65-year-old has continued giving evidence into his conduct with two patients.

Three neurosurgeons gave evidence last week that the operation was “excessive” and explained why one of the women in question never woke from surgery.

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