Kayla Hillier and Aeisha Gilchrist. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Kayla Hillier may only be 19-years-old but she already has the world at her feet. Just last Monday, the Coolamon young lady was officially sworn in as the new owner of The Heartbreak Cafe.

“I heard about this place going up for sale and when I came over and checked it out, I thought it was a lovely cafe and a great opportunity for me,” Kayla said.

“I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Life’s too short, if you can get an amazing opportunity like this, I say go for it.”

It’s been a busy past few weeks for Kayla and the exisiting team at the cafe and she is hoping to keep matters as it is, with a few minor tweaks.

Having worked in a couple of cafes previously, Kayla is looking to give the board an uplift with new signage, change the style of the diner as well as adding more variety to the menu.

Currently, kebabs, pizzas and fried food are vastly popular, and many come through the morning for their caffeine fix.

Since Kayla’s recent reign, members from the community have also praised the quality of food and service on the local community Facebook page.

One said, “We will definitely be going back, staff are very polite and friendly and food was spot on”. Others said, “We had a kebab for lunch, fresh and yummy”, “Bought two hamburgers with the lot at lunchtime and they were really nice, will be going back again. Good service”, “The pizzas were a hit with my kids”.

The cafe shop-front. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Kayla is a single-owner of The Heartbreak Cafe but said family often lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

Dainah Tasker has been around at the cafe for a long time and still works there today under Kayla, she is known to be a lovely lady with strong cooking skills and customer service.

Mum Catherine Tasker has also worked there for a lengthy period of time and helps out with delivery. Aeisha Gilchrist has also recently started at the cafe.

Opening hours under Kayla’s new ownership is 6am to 8.30pm, seven days a week Deliveries are available after 5pm.

What’s on offer at the cafe. Photo: Christopher Tan.

Christopher Tan