Daniel Martelozzo: United Australia Party

Daniel Martelozzo immigrated to Australia from Italy in 1958 with his parents, when he was just one-year old. Martelozzo has always considered himself as a full and true Australian and made it official when he became an Australian citizen. Throughout his life, Martelozzo believes that he has developed a strong moral compass about what is right and wrong, “unlike the career politicians we see in government today.” Martelozzo is a successful businessman and family man. He and his partner met in Western Australia have been together for 17 years, and now have a son together. His family decided to move to NSW for equality in dealership and settled in Wagga Wagga, before becoming well-known in the community. Martelozzo believes he has a lot of qualities that would make him a suitable member of parliament. “If I believe in something I will not back down. I love a debate, and I will NOT be bought or bullied I will always stand for people’s rights and freedoms. I’m very direct and will call a spade a spade,” Martelozzo said. “I’m certainly not doing this for money, I am doing this for my kids, my grandkids and their kids – and for all parents and kids, for that matter. I know I’m older, but with age comes wisdom, kindness, confidence, maturity, and honesty, all of which I will bring to the table when representing my electorate.”

Steve Karaitiana: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party

Steve is a third generation travelling showman and is a member of the Showman’s Guild of Australasia and the Victorian Showman’s Guild. He grew up working at regional shows the length and breadth of Australia and attended boarding school at Red Bend College in Forbes to complete his secondary schooling. Steve spent many years fighting in a travelling boxing tent owned by his grandfather Roy Bell. Steve chose Forbes to settle and raise his family, where he supplies equipment to local events and shows across regional NSW, ACT and the Northern Territory.   Steve was elected to Forbes Shire Council in 2016 and re-elected in 2021. He is passionate about the progress of regional NSW and creating an economically prosperous, family-friendly and safe environment for families to live in. He believes in creating opportunities for industry and employment and ensuring our communities have adequate education, and health and recreational facilities to support a healthy lifestyle.   After working in remote communities, Steve has a keen interest in the issues affecting Indigenous people and lower socio-economic families including housing affordability and availability of social housing, as well as the cost of living for all residents.   Steve seeks to prioritise improved freight networks across the electorate, as well as adequate water infrastructure in preparation for future drought and flood. This includes the Wyangala Dam Wall Raising Project and floodproofing of the Newell Highway.

Dean McCrae: Liberal Democrats

Dean McCrae was born and bred in Temora in the mighty Riverina, NSW and is a long-time servant of liberty. The “Freedom Chef” has spent the large majority of his professional life as a chef in Australia and abroad and has actively been involved in all areas of business and community activities – including the “Ride for Joe” events and Soldier On charities. He is also in more recent times the full-time single dad of his 9-year-old son which inspired the return home to Temora – one of the best places in the country to raise a young lad. The last two years have only increased Dean’s commitment to the freedom movement and doing everything possible to push back against an ever more authoritarian government. He wants his son to enjoy a life of freedom and liberty without the permanent threat of government intrusion, coercion, and intimidation from a political class determined to have a submissive weak population. Freedom over Fear always. Some of his strongest ambitions include ending the “hysteria” around COVID-19 and climate change, as well as reducing the amount of control the government has over people’s lives. McCrae has not yet received a COVID-19 vaccination and believes vaccines have had no bearing on the pandemic in Australia at all.

Darren Ciavarella: Independent

Darren is pleased to say he is a working man from one proud Australian family who laboured to build our country. Darren doesn’t agree with the Inland Rail Line. It isn’t meant for us and working farmers. It’s for selected agricultural ventures, with these masses housed in new cities grafted on to some of our old small-village precincts. Who will police all this? Who benefits from it? Will these areas become ‘special economic zones’ and not really be part of Australia at all? The Newell Highway upgrade is better than an Inland Rail Line in Riverina. The impact of the Inland Rail on the environment. If it goes ahead, will be a devalued and degraded land. It’s a fantasy to try to rid Australia of private trucks; this would only cripple Australian businesses. Darren would serve as an independent, in the style of Ted Mack (who spoke up for ordinary people against bureaucracy and waste) and John Hatton (who initiated the Wood Royal Commission by standing up in public fearlessly to denounce it). Darren has learned the hard way what bureaucrats do and what political manipulators plot to achieve. Darren is calling for a Royal Commission into property dealings in the wake of the recent scandals.