The last two weeks have been extremely busy at EA Southee Public School.

Team K have been busy in the garden as part of their learning about living things, they have planted pumpkins, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, snow peas and herbs.

They are excited to see if everything grows.

Team Giralang have been visiting the STEAM room to design and create models for a STEAM challenge, whilst Team G used the Southee design process to create a protective vehicle for a sphero robot.

Students in Teams K and Giralang joined together to have a fun afternoon of dancing last week.

Lots of music and laughter was heard coming from the hall, as students and their teachers celebrated the culmination of their dance unit.

Team Toucan have been using oil pastels to create spring themed artworks, these beautiful artworks will be displayed in the classroom.

Team 3 have enjoyed designing, making and playing their junk percussion, they have recorded the beat symbols and have progressed to using musical notation.

The Department of Education Arts unit will be featuring our students and their recycled instruments on the Arts Unit’s website.

Students from Year 5, Cooper Dabin, Dakodah McNiff-Garrett, Hayden Kelly, and Halle Nicka, have participated in the Premier’s Debating Challenge over the past few weeks.

They debated against Wee Jasper, Young Public and Cootamundra Public with some interesting topics for debate.

Jarrah Newman assisted the team by chairing each debate and all team members learnt a huge amount from this experience, displaying the school values.

The Times wishes to send our congratulations to all.

Christopher Tan