The Coota Fire Brigade closed Parker Lane for six hours on Friday following a major diesel spill which required intensive cleaning.

The diesel spill occurred around 10am when a semi-trailer reversing into the Woolworths loading dock made impact with a metal post and split the fuel tank.

Diesel flooded out of the fuel tank and down the length of Parker Lane as the truck moved away, leaving puddles of the fuel and tyre marks on the bitumen.

Cootamundra Fire Chief, Les Carr, explained how the incident occurred.

“The semi-trailer was backing into Woolies and ripped its fuel tank when it backed into a post,” Les said.

“It ripped a hole in the fuel tank and created a large diesel spill on the street.

“The truck driver just didn’t see the post. It was a single vehicle collision.”

Nobody was injured.

The Coota Fire Crew were quick to act, arriving at the scene and setting up measures to clean the fuel efficiently and safely off the street.

“We have a special absorbent material that we put on top of it which absorbs the diesel. Then the Council street-sweeper comes through and cleans that up,” Les continued.

“We closed the whole section of Parker Lane from Woolies down to Wallendoon Street.

“The street was shut off until about 4pm in the afternoon.”

Parker Lane is now back open as normal, with the Fire Brigade finishing the clean-up and giving the all clear.

Traffic was diverted away from the lane to protect residents while crews were in action cleaning the diesel spill.

Tim Warren