Local Government is not an easy game, even when looking at the nature of local politics from the outside, any onlooker can see that it is no easy task.

For a man like Dennis Palmer, even those looking in through the window can see he is a man worthy of a Medal of the Order of Australia for the countless hours he has put in as a Councillor, and Deputy-Mayor at Cootamundra-Gundagai Region Council and Deputy Chairman and Chairman at Goldenfields Water County Council.

Mr Palmer is so occupied with what goes on in his life that he didn’t even know he had been nominated until the date was getting close. “It was a surprise.

I had no idea until about three weeks ago that I was even nominated,” he said. “I knew nothing of it until I got a phone call from Government House about three weeks ago.

“They asked a simple question, would you accept the nomination and I said, yes.

“At that stage, they didn’t tell me that I’d been successful and I sort of assumed, well, this will be interesting.

“The process may just filter somebody like myself out of this but it didn’t.

“I have since become aware that this application was placed two years ago, that’s how long the process has taken.” Even before his Local Council activities, Dennis has been heavily involved with his Ford dealership, Palmer Ford, where he has supplied quality vehicles to the community for many years.

No matter what challenge he has faced, the former Councillor has never lost his resilience.

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