Dance 2590 before performing before an NRL Match last month. Photo: Supplied.

Dance with Miss Em and Dance2590 have come together and entered a team in the Dance For Sick Kids fundraiser.

This fundraiser is run by the Ronald McDonald House Charities during National Families Week (15-21 May).

To raise funds participants need to dance 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes a day depending what they have signed up to dance over the course of the 7 days.

Dance for Sick Kids raises money to help over 60,000 families with seriously ill or injured children.

The combined team who are called ’55 Cooper St Studios’ have raised $1,734 as of Monday and are looking for donations to meet their $2,000 goal by May 21.

Layla Holmes has raised over $900 as a part of the 55 Cooper St Studio Team. Photo: Supplied.

This is the first year that the group has participated in the fundraiser.

The group decided to be a part of the fundraiser as there is quite a few students from the studio that have had to use Ronald McDonald House before.

Dance With Miss Em operator Emilee Newham said “We thought it was a very nice way to do what we love and give back as well.”

The team has a total of 15 members and are still looking for more members to join.

Anyone is welcome with ages ranging from 2 up to people in their 30’s.

Emilee believes that the team members are looking forward to the dancing side of the fundraiser.

“They’re all great dancers and love to dance.” Emilee said. “This is a great cause and if anyone can donate a little bit or spread the word would be a great way to help the team.”

Tahlia Crane