A new form of exercise has made its way to Cootamundra.

Roar Health and Fitness launched their first official CrossFit classes on Tuesday.

CrossFit is a form of strength and conditioning training which uses movements you use in day-to-day life such as squatting, pulling and pushing and are performed at high intensity.

Owner of Roar Health and Fitness Ben Brown said for a while they had been running group fitness classes which were similar to CrossFit.

“For a long time I’ve had an interest in CrossFit and the way they train and their methodology.”

In the last year Ben has completed his level 1 CrossFit trainers course which he said gave him a great insight to what CrossFit is, what they offer and how they train.

“Learning all of this sparked my interest even more, the more I got to know it, the more I enjoyed it.”

Ben said CrossFit is a premium product that Coota didn’t have and thought that it was something different that people could benefit from.

The reception from the community was great even before Ben officially launched CrossFit.

“There has been so much interest since we released it and told everyone it was coming.”

“We have been inundated with messages from people who want to come and try it and from members that are already a part of our gym who would like to make the transition into more strict CrossFit training.”

“We’ve also received messages from people who are just curious and are trying to find more information out.”

Ben said it has been a great buzz to see how much interest there has been.

The main goal Ben and the Roar Health and Fitness team are looking towards is helping as many people as they can.

“Rather than just a training style or a gym, CrossFit lends itself to more of a lifestyle and trying to keep the balance of healthy eating, good nutrition, good sleep and a functional training system.”

“We are trying to help as many people make that lifestyle change as we possibly can.”

A lot of people have a probably seen bits and pieces of CrossFit on the internet with Ben saying a lot of people see that and think that is what it’s all about.

“The stuff you see on the internet is high level athletes, we cater for everyday people of all walks of life.”

“We have people that are super fit and doing top end stuff and then we have grandparents right through to people in their late teens and early twenties.“

“Everybody is varied and this training allows us to make those variations for anybody whether its their ability level or they are just starting out anyone can join that one class and find their entry point.”

Ben said the CrossFit workouts at Roar Health and Fitness differ from others as you will have a varied workout.

“The way CrossFit differs from other workouts done before is that the workouts are constantly varied, people will always come in and get some form of different workout.”

“You always have something new and different to look forward to, the combination of weights training, gymnastics and cardio all mixed into one training program keeps it new, fresh and exciting.”

Anyone wishing to learn more information about CrossFit should visit the Roar Health and Fitness Facebook Page.

Tahlia Crane