Last Friday 17th November, Cootamundra High School dug up their 25 year time capsule from September 15th 1998. Located in the front garden of the school the time capsule contained a list of every student that was in the school at the time with a line from each student written about where they thought they were going to be in 25 year’s time. 

CHS Principal Chris Payne said to the Times  “We had a few students from that time period there on the day and a few staff of course, who remember those students. Some of them are remarkably accurate with their predictions.” 



“There was a newsletter from 1998, a copy of the daily organisation for the school, a letter from the Principal of the time Allan Grocott which was read by his wife, who attended. It was very moving for the small crowd.” 

The capsule also contained an old school spoon and a prefect badge from that time. Those who gathered at the school witnessed the struggle of removing the time capsule as it was concreted into the ground and needed the Ag tractor to pull it out. 



“We’re going to get a bigger time capsule,  I’m getting the same sorts of information from the kids and staff now as was given in 1998 to put back in the time capsule for another 25 years. 2048 where a few bits and pieces of Cootamundra High School 2023 will go in. A little bit of a memorabilia to show for people 25 years from now.” 

Cootamundra High students prepare the contents from this year 2023 to be added in the Time Capsule that will be opened in another 25 years from now. Students and teachers past, present and future will be able to view a new plaque where the capsule is buried with the years of each time capsule opening from the original year it was placed to 50 years after when the next time capsule is due to be dug up again (1998 to 2023)- (2023 to 2048). 

Chloe Janssen