ROUND 6 RESULTS Round 6 saw games played over 3 days. 2 games went down to the deciding teams games and 1 game saw a 6-0 whitewash. At the Country Club on Friday night, Treble Threat took on EB&B on the portable board in the back room.

Partners Erika and Brian gelled well together to secure the first doubles for their team. Joel and Jayden grabbed the second doubles for Threat.

Jayden continued his winning ways and captured the third doubles with Paul. Sadly, for EB&B the first doubles were the only point on the scoreboard as the boys from Treble Threat went on and won the next 3 singles games in straight legs.

Saturday at the Ex-Services Club 2 games were played. First game for the days was Darty Deeds taking on Spears & Beers.

Deeds started off comfortably getting a 3-0 lead by pegging the 3 doubles games. Spears, Tayla Heath downed rival Mick 2 legs to 1 and scored her first singles win this comp. Well done. Tayla was the lone player with a W for Spears as Deeds went on to win the next 2 singles in straight legs.

Not only did Darty Deeds win their game but Deeds player Scott Endacott scored the comps highest peg of 95 beating Icehouse’s Fad Barrett by 1.

Will someone step up over the next few remaining games and beat it? Time shall tell.

Last game for the Ex-Services was battle of the sexes with the boys of Icehouse taking on the Winmas gals.

The girls drew first blood by pegging the first doubles with Lee throwing in a 160 for good measure. The lads dug in and pegged out the next 2 doubles.

Barfly took on Lisa Campbell who toed back to the oche after many years away. Lisa showed signs of “ring rust” as Joey reached the double before her.

Young’s Lisa Stewart showed her experience and won in 2 straight legs over Steve. Lee and Fad did battle in a game that was surely going to be ‘Electric’ (Blue).

Both team captains traded high scores and set the up a deciding game after scoring a leg each.

With Lee needing this game to force a teams game she dug the her heels in, turned up the heat and melted the Iceman to bring it 3 apiece.

Both teams traded off scores to see who would walk away victor.

Icehouse made ‘No Promises’ about throwing the game but the boys powered on and took out the teams game walking off 4-3 winners.

Up at the Country Club Farmers 3 played host to the Bandits.

Father and Son duo Phill and Jack got the first game over the girls. The Bandits stole the next 2 doubles.

Bandits player, Catherine put on her overalls and filled in for the Farmers but sadly lost the first singles game to a improving Angie in 2 straight legs.

Jack started off well getting the first leg until Monique clawed back getting the second leg, but it was Jack that walked away victor.

Amber surprising got the first leg off Phill. Phill showing why he is the most consistent A-Grade player and bounced backed harvesting the next 2 legs which produced a deciding teams game between both sides.

The Bandits girls tried to bring their weekly practice form in the teams game and get the W, but the Farmers put a stop to their dream and hit the winning double.

On Sunday EB&B played their final round game against Bandits this round instead. Both teams were out to correct their wrongs and get a W on the scoreboard.

In a nutshell, the Bandits couldn’t reproduce the form the day prior as EB&B must have been practicing all day Saturday as they stormed home to the finish line in a 6-0 demolition over the Bandits.

Best for Bandits was Catherine Tasker and Erika Gestakovska of EB&B who both scored several high scores for their respective sides.

With 1 round left before the finals, things are starting to shape up.

Will Darty Deeds put an end to Treble Threats undefeated streak and take out the number 1 spot and be the Minor Premiers?

Icehouse, Bandits and EB&B all on 2 wins each, who will finish top of Division 2?

EB&B and Farmers still have a game to catch up on which will help their rankings. Round 7 will have games to defiantly watch.


Treble Threat 5-1 EB&B Paul Kennedy – 100 Joel McMillan – 100,101,120,121 Brian Barlow – 100 Belinda Ledgard – Bullseye   Darty Deeds 5-1 Beers & Spears Shane Endacott – 2×100, 118,2×140 Scott Endacott – 125, 95peg Corey Heath – 2×100, 140 Mitch McKay – 101   Icehouse 4-3 Winmas Fad Barrett – 3×100, 120,140 Joey Rosewarn – 100, 127 Lee Drage – 160, 3×100, 140 Lisa Stewart – 81,80 Lisa Campbell – 87   Farmers 3 4-3 Bandits Phill Sellick – 2×100, 123, 2×140 Catherine Tasker – 89 Amber Ray – 114, 81 Monique Dawson – 81, 88 Angie Dawson – 92   EB&B 6-0 Bandits Erika Gestakovska – 2×98, 2×100 Brian Barlow – 95 Belinda Ledgard – 80, 97 Amber Ray – 90,81 Catherine Tasker – 96,82,87

ROUND 7 DRAW 27/3/22 from 12.30pm EB&B vs Bandits @ Country Club Darty Deeds vs Treble Threat @ Ex-Services Club Farmers 3 vs Winmas @ Country Club Icehouse vs Spears & Beers @ Ex-Services – from 2pm Country Club games – one game to be played on permanent board and one on portable board. Portable board teams to help set and pack away board.   LADDER AFTER ROUND 6 Treble Threat – 12 Darty Deeds – 11 Farmers 3 – 9* Winmas – 7 Icehouse – 5 Bandits – 5 EB&B – 4* Spears & Beers – 0

*EB&B and Farmers still to play a game from a previous round.