The Phil Davis Amcal + Pharmacy in Cootamundra added Coronavirus at home testing kits to their shelves last week, allowing for faster and more accessible results. From Monday November 1, supermarkets and pharmacies throughout Australia were invited to sell the rapid antigen testing kits in store. Pharmacist at Cootamundra Amcal +, Hamish Nott, said that although the tests are brand new, the community has already been asking him questions about the product. “We have had some engagement with people asking about the tests,” he said. The rapid antigen testing kits allow you to test yourself for coronavirus at home, providing an added layer of protection for the public, if people do test positive.

There are two options for the rapid antigen kits, one a nasal swab, and the other a saliva (throat swab) test, available individually, in packs of two, five or ten, with the Amcal + pharmacy in Cootamundra stocking the two-pack nasal test. “The nasal swabs are generally considered a bit more accurate than the throat swabs,” Hamish told the times. Coronavirus testing facilities will remain open, but home kits provide the community with an option to test themselves if they are feeling unwell. People who return a positive result must confirm their infection with a standard PCR test.

Other local pharmacists say that the only downside of rapid antigen testing is that it only tests active transmission phases, meaning you can test negative one day, and positive the next with results only valid for 24 hours. The tests give an indication if you are infected with Coronavirus within 15 minutes, and you can purchase them now, at the Phil Davis Amcal + Pharmacy in Cootamundra. The pharmacy is also offering the Moderna, AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines. Rebecca More