‘Team Kaos’ and ‘Ruck and Maul’ hailing from Cootamundra have both participated in the Riverina Redneck Rally last week, which raises money for the Country Hope charity whilst having fun in Outback Australia. The Redneck Rally started on Sunday, March 20, in Donald in Victoria, and finished Saturday, March 26, in Pallamawalla in northern NSW.

The 80-odd teams competing in the Redneck Rally drive their specially and individually designed cars on a mystery route that incorporates dirt roads, camping overnight in different towns along the way to complete the six-day challenge.

Teams turned up at the starting location in Donald on Sunday, March 20, with no idea of the route or direction the road rally would take, besides the final destination. All money raised from the fundraiser goes directly to Country Hope, a family centered support organisation for children diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Team Kaos, made up of Annlouise and David McEnally participated in the Redneck Rally to raise money and awareness for Country Hope, the charity who helped their family so dearly in the past.

“Our daughter Jacalyn, along with my son-in-law Chris, found out at 36 weeks that their baby’s head was big. She went for an ultrasound which showed an arachnoid cyst the size of the bottom of a coke can, approximately 6-8 cm,” Annlouise said.

“She was transferred to the Canberra Hospital who transferred her care to Royal Randwick.

“Baby Ashton was born four days later and was immediately taken for surgery.

After a six-month hospital stay and five brain surgery’s later, he came home and is now a happy two-year-old who has many challenges but is doing amazingly well.”

Prior to the family’s serious health ordeal, the McEnally family had never heard of Country Hope before, and it’s something that the family wants to help spread the word about.

Country Hope provided financial assistance to the family where they could, helping with various travel, accommodation and medication expenses.

“Our son in law, Chris, was interstate truck driving in order to make ends meet. Life was hard and very challenging, and we didn’t get any help until Country Hope came along,” Annlouise continued.

“So, our reason is pretty clear, if we can make one person aware of the amazing work Country Hope does then we have achieved our goal.”

This year’s Redneck Rally will be the first for Team Kaos, who plan on participating for many years to come, while it will be Ruck and Maul’s fourth time at the event. Team Ruck and Maul consists of Cootamundra locals Robyn Armstrong and Mel Cook, and have already raised $5,025, smashing their initial target of $2500.

Team Kaos have also beaten their target of $2,500, raising $3,233 to date.

As a whole, the 2022 Redneck Rally has raised over $558,733, well above the initial target of $300,000.

Team Kaos bought a $750 1999 AU Ford from the wreckers and have done up the car to a roadworthy condition and painted it purple to make the car really stick out. Mitre 10, Blackies, Preston’s Lawnmowing, Repco, The Red Cross, Adina Care have all donated items or money to Team Kaos’ cause, with Coota Signs also donating all the car signage for the car.

“The Coota community have really gotten behind both teams and have showed awesome community spirit.

We’re really appreciative of them,” Annlouise continued. Annlouise and David have also collected recyclable cans and mowed lawns to raise money for the fundraiser.

Bob Jane T-Mart at Wagga also helped out by providing four tyres, and Corbetts Tyre and Battery at Young providing two spare tyres.

Team Kaos left for Donald via Coolamon on the Saturday morning before the event, before starting their rally on the Sunday. Prior to leaving, Team Kaos said they were excited for the rally.

“We’re leaving at seven o’clock Saturday morning and were going over to meet another team that’s in Coolamon, from there we’ll drive down to Donald,” Annlouise said.

“We drive to a different town every day and go to schools donating books to schools along the way. We also raise money each night for a local family in town that needs help.”


Tim Warren