Coota’s Corey Nicholson had a strong game with a number of charges with the ball in hand.

The friendly banter started late in the week in the lead up to the Grand Final rematch between last year’s premiers the Coota Tri Colours and the Harden Red Devils.

   Former Devils player and former President Harry Sachs’ allegiances were questioned, when a tin sign stating ‘up the Tri Colours’ was found attached to his front fence. Sachs claimed he didn’t place it there and said he had been fencing this week. It remains unclear as to who put the sign there, however, suspicions are continuing to be directed at the yellow red and black team from the south west.

      Sachs was wearing his Devils kit and was sticking close to the Harden bench on Saturday meaning that he likely remains in the Devils camp.

   Country Club Oval may have looked muddy when Coota kicked off to Harden, however, it soon became clear that the mud was covering a saturated pitch which continued to deteriorate as the game went on. The Tri Colours ran out winners 13-3 in a match that was dominated by mud, entertaining rugby and more mud.

Enjoy the online gallery on our Facebook page, our report will be available Sunday online and in this week’s Cootamundra and Twin Town Times out Thursday.