Student Executive from left – Samuel Bassingthwaighte, Joshua Lubke, Emily Tanks and Willow Hall.

Students from Cootamundra Public School spent a day out of uniform for an important cause last week, raising some much appreciated funds supporting the Coota Girls Aboriginal Corporation. The Coota Girls have called for community support of an upcoming working bee to help restore the Coota Girls Home site, also known as Bimbadeen. Cootamundra Public School has had a long association with the home, with many of the girls attending our school over its years of operation (1912 to 1969). Across the staff team there is a deep sense of responsibility to inform our students about the past, in particular the histories and stories of our local area.

There is a great deal of sadness, disconnection and trauma experienced by families who have been impacted by the Stolen Generations. Through classroom learning that is focused on local stories, we are able to support student learning about the past and contribute towards healing. There is also an important opportunity to celebrate the many examples of strength, courage, resilience and love shown in the stories of the Coota Girls and their families. Through the fundraiser, Cootamundra Public School was able to raise $295.

This money will be donated to the Coota Girls upcoming working bee, with money being put towards buying building and landscaping supplies. Our students are also looking forward to being involved beyond this working bee, with plans in place to help keep up with watering plants while they establish.

Lucy Greene Principal, Cootamundra Public School