The Cootamundra Aerodrome Development is starting to progress following the Users Advisory Group Meeting held last month.

The recommendations of the meeting were made at the Cootamundra-Gundagai Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda on November 30.

There has been more progress in the area following on from the story The Times broke in August, regarding the development of serviced hangar lots designed for residents to purchase and build on.

Recommendations from the Cootamundra Aerodrome Users Advisory Group Meeting include the appointment of a consultant to investigate the potential development of hangar lots.

The consideration is to subdivide three possible blocks of land off the south-western end of Quinlan Drive as soon as possible, to be presented at the next Aerodrome Users Advisory Group Meeting.

At the meeting, committee members raised points inquiring about the original handing over of the Aerodrome to Council and if any financial assistance will be provided.

“It was advised that the Aerodrome is zoned according to past Cootamundra zoning decisions which best serve the land purpose,” the CGRC Business Paper read.

“Council has to charge rates for all properties and that income goes into Council’s general fund.”

Some members at the meeting raised concerns and suggestions over the new development.

“Why are we charging the Gliding Club a new fee, this is not promoting the township and discourages people from flying in.” “Other potential income could be from taking back the leased agricultural and Council ‘share farming’ it for an annual return.”

Lease payments for hangar lots cannot be included as income for the Cootamundra Aerodrome.

A big factor in the development is the ongoing fees associated with a project of this nature, with the committee to carefully consider ongoing fees and charges, which will be discussed and presented at the next meeting.

The next meetings for the Coota-mundra Aerodrome Users Group will take place in 2022, with 9 March slated as the first scheduled for the new year.

Tim Warren