It’s always a fun weekend when the Coota 400 is on, so those looking forward are in luck since the Coota 400 is as soon as this Thursday to Saturday at the Cootamundra Airport.

The show will showcase pre-90s muscle cars and old cars that will be racing and being shown off for the weekend.

The hotels are booked out and the pubs are soon to be filled with those participating, drawing in huge support for the town.

Drivers are coming in from as far as Victoria which has the muscle car madness happening for several days, the main events at the Cootamundra Airport and some more around town.

Organiser Chris Ioannidis said nobody can wait to put their pedals to the metal.

“We are ready to go. We are leaving this morning and we should be there by about lunchtime at 2pm and we’re doing a car show in the town at Parker Street, we’ll be doing a car show there tonight between 6pm and 8pm. “Friday and Saturday at the Airport are race days, everything.

Everybody’s all signed up. There’s 130 cars actually coming, they’re all pre-90 cars strictly.

There’s nothing else. Around 130 cars will be driven into town on Thursday, they’ll have their annual battle on Friday afternoon because they are street driven and then on Saturday, all the cars can be part of that shootout to find the winner.

Chris wanted to let everyone know this is not for hooning and drag racing, anyone caught doing so will be immediately removed from the event even if done outside of the event itself.

“It’s mates versus mates. I don’t want it to be known as a drag event. We like to do it in a safe environment. You come with your street registered car and it’s really primarily mates v mates, barbecues at night.”

Chris has stated there are to be no burnouts, no unnecessary Revving of engines at night in Town, no littering, no parking across driveways and to respect one another and their cars.