Wake up and smell the burning rubber Coota because the annual Coota 400 car show is once again speeding into the town on 27-29 April.

The show will showcase pre-90s muscle cars and old cars you don’t normally see on your typical daily drive.

A huge draw for the town, the Coota 400 has become an event loved by many locals and those as far as Victoria which has muscle car madness happening for several days, the main events at the Cootamundra Airport and some more around town.

Organiser Chris Ioannidis said he loved Cootamundra and loved bringing the event here.

“There’s going to be 140 cars. That’s a record, it’s the most there’s ever been,” he said.

“We’ve only had numbers in the 70s and 80s and 90s, 120s the record.

“There’s no more room in Cootamundra, there’s going to be no spare pillows to sleep on. “We’re coming up on the Thursday, we should all get there by about lunchtime.

“A lot of will come to the Airport just to get ready for Friday.

“There’s a park there at Woolworths and we park there on a Thursday night to show off the cars, last year it rained and it was full. We’re doing that again for the community, they’re welcome to come down.

“I’m really excited. I’m always excited. I love doing it.

“It’s a lot of work, but we really love to do it. There’s no hotel left because all the people wanted to come.”

Chris wanted to let everyone know this is not for hooning and drag racing, anyone caught doing so will be immediately removed from the event even if done outside of the event itself.

“They all behave anyway; they are well behaved every time.

“We love the town since they let us do it ten years ago and people ask why don’t we come to Young but we want to do it in Coota. “Love the town, love the community.

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