10.5 was also the leading wicket taker in the Delta Agribusiness Cup. The Bennett/Rudd award which dates back to the 1979-80 season which is named after two of Cootamundra‘s best cricketers, Greg Bennett and Max Rudd , has now become a family affair for the Connell family, as Ryan’s father Darren won this award six times, while Ryan’s uncle Mark won this award as an 18 year old.

While Ryan’s figures do not look that great 145 runs and 16 wickets, it should be remembered that the season was severely hampered by rain and with seven teams in the competition, all teams had two byes. Very limited opportunities for cricketers.

In the Blooms Chemist/BFB competition, Stockinbingal cricketer Brendan O’Callaghan took out both bowling awards, 13 wickets at 5.5. Encouragement awards were presented to two of Cootamundra’s, most promising cricketers, Corey Gale and Riley Meale.

Corey played with the Crusaders, while Riley was a member of the Stockinbingal; premiership side.

Matt Holt was awarded the Frank Smith award for services to cricket. Matt has done a sterling job with Stockinbingal where he has been treasurer since the year 2000.

The night acknowledged the Blooms Chemist /BFB Cup to Stockinbingal who defeated the Criterion Hotel Gunners from Young by 57 runs. We also presented the new Ladies Eights Shield to Janice Dunk who has organised her team the Pink Panthers who have now have won ten consecutive carnivals.

While the season is over, it is time to reflect on some of the highlights. [1] Stockinbingal winning the Blooms Chemist/BFB competition, [2] The success of social days, the Seven a side and the Ladies Eights carnivals.

Both saw an increase in numbers. Finally, fund raising ventures, the South West Fuel raffle and the 100 club saw an increase in revenue.

Pat Kerin