The Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council held their Extraordinary Council Meeting at 6pm on Monday, 28th March. The Times spoke to Mayor Cr Charlie Sheahan who was proud to announce that council had accepted a tender for the upgrade of the toilet and change facilities at Albert Park.

“The development there at the Livvi’s Playspace is a big boost. That was from a federal grant that will enable us to put in an adult change facility, inclusive for people with disabilities,” Mayor Sheahan said.

“It’ll include an adult change table and a ceiling hoist will be a feature of the development, with the concept that it’s an all-inclusive space for people of all abilities.

This now just tops it off and will make that development really fantastic.

“These Livvi’s Playspaces all across Australia are sought by people with a family member who may be disabled in certain ways.

The design was done through variety and the expertise that they bring to these sorts of facilities, so it’s progressing really well.

“I believe the actual groundwork should be completed in the next month or so.

We’re about 12 weeks away for the installation of the upgrades to the toilets and the change facilities.”

CGRC has accepted a private tender for the development of the toilet block facilities at Albert Park. Charlie also explained that the proposed aerodrome development at Cootamundra Airport is still progressing, with the Airport Users Group reporting recommendations for fees and charges at their last meeting.

The recommendations made by the Airport Users Group goes out for public display for 28 days, with progress being made on the proposed development.

The upstairs space at the Albion Hotel is also set to receive a refurbishment in the coming months. Tony Taylor is the current developer at the Albion Hotel, with plans to rejuvenate the accommodation quarters.

“A comment he made to me was that he hoped to restore it back to its former glory,” Sheahan recounted.

“When the abattoirs due to kick off, there will be pressure for accommodation in Cootamundra, as there already is now.

“So, he’s looking ahead for that. Also, when the inland rail project starts, they will be employing a lot of people as well into the region. We will have a lot of itinerant workers who will be looking for accommodation and he’s trying to make the most of that opportunity.”


Tim Warren