Greg Warren MP has been listed as a missing person by local authorities with the Member for Campbelltown having not been seen by anyone in the Labor party since the state election was held on March 25 2023. Those in forcibly merged Councils in the bush are most concerned for his whereabouts.


Appearing on 1 litre milk containers over the last few months, the former local government Councillor was very outspoken when the current government wasn’t in power, travelling to the bush to talk with those in the communities of Cootamundra and Gundagai, (CGRC) Tumut and Tumbarumba, (Snowy Valleys) when it came to demerging the abominations that they have become financially.


He left the 3 way merger of Boorowa, Harden and Young (Hilltops, or as it has become known by some locally as Helltops) out of his travels, even when it is in the worst financial position of the 3 bush fraternities.


Pre election, he also visited city Councils including Inner West, who have unrealistically costed their demerger scenario at up to $190 million, hampering the chances of the city viewed, tin pot, bush Councils, from having any chance to part ways for a couple of million bucks.


In July 2021 Warren took aim at then Minister for Local Government Shelley Hancock stating, “The communities of Snowy Valleys, Cootamundra and Gundagai should be able to decide their own future, not Minister Hancock,” he said. “The Minister and her government have used every excuse under the sun as to why these councils shouldn’t be allowed to demerge. “For once the Minister needs to listen to these communities and allow them to have a referendum so they can decide whether they want to stay together or split.”

His very own government now refuses to do anything he himself suggested and they are performing backflips quicker than an 80 kilogram brumby foal, shot with a Barrett Model 82A1 from a helicopter.


It appears that since March this year, his strong views have waned and his physical presence at parliament has disappeared. There are some who may have spotted Warren in crowds of people in Martin Place, however, no formal identification has been able to ascertain if he is still with us or whether or not he has dyed his hair blonde.


   With his western Sydney roots still strong, some have suggested he is now fronting the group OneFour with his new found blonde hair and upsetting Strike Force Raptor in their attempts to shut down the music group. The states’ police resources continue to be used to prevent the lads from creating their very own style of independent music while hard core criminals import Class A drugs in to OZ.


Until evidence of Warren’s existence can be substantiated, the voters of the state will just have to accept that Labor may have done the old ‘switcheroo’. That is, let Warren do all the tough talking (pre election) and then ditch him after the election so that someone who didn’t make any promises themselves can’t be held to them and certainly won’t deliver on them.

That must be the only explanation, mustn’t it ?

Greg if you are out there, can the Real Slim Shady please stand up? Where gonna have a problem here.