Crisis Averted After Blaze on Rinkin Street

A joint operation between the Rural Fire Service and Fire and Rescue has saved Cootamundra from a disaster when a spreading fire on Rinkin Street was contained before it could do more damage.

District Manager Andrew Dillon gave more detail to the Times on what happened.

“It was twenty to one when the fire started, there were gusty winds on Rinkin Street, it started by a mechanical failure of a vehicle,” he said.

“It moved quite quickly in an eastern direction, thankfully towards an open paddock.

According to the App it burnt approximately 100 hectares.

“We used 12 RFS Tankers and 5 Fire and Rescue tankers plus a fixed wing bomber, we were able to contain the fire within hour and a half.”

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council additionally provided equipment.

“There were no losses reported, everyone is safe, it was a really good cooperative job between Fire and Rescue and the RFS.

“It’s really important for everyone to be careful with what they do during the day at the moment.

“Be weary of activities that could start fires like grinding or wielding, using dangerous equipment in the open, until it cools down and we start getting rainfall, we need to be putting off those things until late afternoon or early in the morning.

“People really shouldn’t be cutting grass now in the middle of the day, it needs to be done under cooler conditions or following a rainfall event.

“Everyone should stay in tune with Hazards Near Me. If you need updates on any fires, the RFS take great effort into keeping that map updated.

“Big thank you to the RFS and Fire and Rescue crews at Cootamundra and surrounds, we are really thankful for their achievements and efforts during the fire season.”

A great effort from the first responders keeping the community safe.

Jack Murray