Fruit Bat also known as Megachiroptera.

Cootamundra Local’s have renewed their battle with a familiar foe in recent weeks as fruit bats are rummaging throughout the town causing a ruckus all night long.

Though fruit bats are an annoyance, they’re unlikely to do any physical harm to you or your pets.

According to the RSPCA fruit bats are not at all harmful to pets with pets being much more of a danger to the bats than the latter.

All healthy bats try to avoid humans by taking flight and are not purposely aggressive.

Most bats are about the size of a mouse and use their small teeth and weak jaws to grind up insects.

Though bats are considered safe, you actually have to be vaccinated if you want to rescue fruit bats.

The danger is you can contract Lyssavirus (Australian Bat Lyssavirus ) if one bites or scratches you.

Only one percent of bats actually carry the virus, so it’s a really low risk, but unfortunately there is no cure for Lyssavirus once the symptoms have started.

It’s a nasty condition, which can lead to death.  If you get bitten it’s important to seek post-exposure treatment.

Clean the wound thoroughly and head to your GP as soon as possible, letting them know you’ve been bitten by a bat.

Only three bats have tested positive to the disease since the bats migrated here.

The bats have been spotted everywhere, with multiple sightings being reported on Sutton Street, Justin Street and John Street.

It is highly likely that private gardens with a food source are already visited by flying foxes and residents aren’t aware of it.

Flying foxes usually do not cause significant damage to trees that they feed in.

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