Aaron at rehabilitation. Photo: Supplied.

Trish Owen, Michelle Delaney, Allira Ryan and the greater community have banded together for the past few months, raising funds for “Azza’s Angels” which will be held this Saturday at the Cootamundra Ex-Services Club.

31-year-old Aaron “Azza” Moore is a beloved member of the community and unfortunately on the morning of January 30 this year, he was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident on the way to a training course in Young.

Aaron was on the other side of Wallendbeen when he collided with several trees and ended up in a bad shape for a period of time.

It had also rained heavily the night before, which made the roads slippery.

After the accident, Aaron was airlifted to Canberra and for the initial few weeks following the crash, he was in a coma.

It was said that there would be not much hope for him to make it, but against all odds, Aaron miraculously pulled through and is now undergoing a gradual process learning to walk again.

Today he is out of hospital but in intensive rehabilitation in Bruce, Canberra, and will be there for a period of time until his legs are stronger.

His short-term memory has been said to be affected, having no recollection of the accident, although remembering people and their names and things he has done in the past.

Trish Owen is a good friend of Aaron, having known him for over 10 years as well as worked with him in a number of different places.

Ms Owen said ‘Azza’ is a very loved member of the community, having an “infectious” personality.

“Aaron’s very likeable and always has a go at everything,” she said.

“It’s tough to see him like this because he was always the life of the party. He is the King of the kids, he loved everyone’s kids and they loved him too.

“You could not wipe the smile off his face, he is a happy-go-lucky person and he puts his hands up to get involved with anything and everything.”

Prior to the accident, Aaron was working at the local Woolworths, and before that he worked with Trish and Michelle at the roadhouse in Coolac.

Trish had also taken Aaron onboard whilst back at the club in Binalong.

Aaron was also working at a cafe during that period and previously volunteered at Red Cross Cootamundra for a couple of years.

“I speak to him at least once a week and he is confident he will be returning to Woolies and doing something,” Trish said.

“I had the opportunity to work with him a couple of times last year and taught him a few things in hospitality.

“I watched him shine. He found his feet and saw he could do things he never knew he would.

“Even though he knows he may never walk properly, he is just happy to be alive.”

“Azza’s Angels” fundraiser this Saturday will see around 70 people turn up, including special guest Aaron himself, as his doctor has agreed to let him come home for the night of the fundraiser.

“He [Aaron] is so excited about that. He is humbled that this fundraiser is being held for him and that the community all wants to help,” Trish said.

“When the time comes and he returns home permanently, his family is going to need a lot of support because modifications are needed to be made, so “Azza Angels” is all about doing what we can as a community to support him and his family.”

For the night of the fundraiser, local businesses in town have generously donated an incredible amount of items to be auctioned off.

There will also be a live band playing on the night, free-of-charge for the cause.

Printed stubby holders will be available on the night to purchase and will continue to sell for the following months, as well as raffles.

Stubby holders available on the night. Photo: Supplied.

You can contact Trish Owen or Allira Ryan at 0420275841 or 0432823837 if you would like to find out ways you can help.

Christopher Tan