David Moore, Kate Collingridge, Danielle Phillips and Joanne Hall.

David Moore, Kate Collingridge, Danielle Phillips and Joanne Hall. Cootamundra’s oldest established Real Estate agency began in 1892. Ron Loiterton Real Estate Agents has been situated on the main corner of town for over fifty years. Principals Daryl Sedgwick, David Moore and Di McCarthy have over eighty years combined real estate experience in Cootamundra. They are proudly independent and not part of any franchise group, or owned by any multinational organisation. They support the local community, who have supported them for 128 years. Actively involved with many community groups and sporting organisations, RLREA has a particular emphasis on junior sport through annual monetary donations and sponsorships. They maintain a strong relationship with all schools in Cootamundra and throughout the District. Staff are encouraged to actively participate in the many committees and boards servicing the Cootamundra community. They believe in ‘putting back’ into the District and are biased when it comes to ‘Coota’. Ron Loiterton Real estate Agents make no apologies for this. Their motto is ‘Cootamundra is a great town to live in and to invest in.’

Most of the staff are born and bred in Coota or married born and bred locals and have been in Coota for years. Office Manager Joanne Hall said, “Daryl has been involved in real estate for over 46 years. Our services include, residential and rural sales, property management, strata agents as well as auctioneers.” Business has changed in a number of ways since the Corona Virus took hold. The real estate industry can’t currently do routine rental inspections so we are using Facetime and live videos for tenants to show us and their landlords the property by walking through their house.

Joanne said, “Originally we could only take one person into a property to show them around. If you had a husband and wife partnership looking at a property, you take one of them through first and then the other one, this has now been changed and you can take two people plus the agent through.” Keeping social distancing in the office is also important. No one is currently sitting at the front office desk, with staff spread more strategically through the office. Tenants who normally pay by cash and don’t do internet banking have been finding it difficult to make payments in the current climate and staff have been helping wherever they can. The real estate market in Coota continues to attract investors.

Jo said, “ A lot of sales are coming from the South coast, some people are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the larger coastal centres. The railway line also attracts people. They can jump on a train and can go to Sydney and Melbourne easily. The team at Loitertons are a cohesive group in that they complement each others skill sets as well as being heavily involved in the community outside of office hours. Daryl is on the board of Adina Care and involved in Junior Rugby League and Junior Cricket. He has strong ties with Stockinbingal and it’s community and not to forget Wallendbeen and Bethungra. Dave likes to cycle and Kate teaches dance. Kate instructed the Harden Can Assist Dancing with the locals duos in 2019 and helped them through her teaching skills to raise over $50,000 for the organisation. Danielle and Iona have young families and are involved in the local schools and Joan is involved in the hospital auxiliary, antique motor club and showground users group.

Jo said, “Living in Coota is great, it is a close knit community, everyone supports each other.” Jo hopes that everyone continues to support the local businesses when things return to normal after the Corona Virus. If you have any property needs, be it rentals, looking for your first home, your dream home, or some acreage, contact the team at Ron Loiterton Real Estate, 207 Parker Street, 69 42 2344, by email manager@ronloiterton.com.au or by checking out the website at ronloiterton.com.au